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24 October 2007 @ 21:09
Did I mention that Pink Floyd is my favourite band of all-time?
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Lena, MJ, Megregenvogel on 25th October 2007 01:17 (UTC)
I LOVE Pink Floyd :)
Samantha: tiltahtnamas on 25th July 2009 14:14 (UTC)
good, because they really are the best.
no question. no doubt.
karma_in_a_box on 25th October 2007 01:20 (UTC)

They are like, my fifth favorite. Or something like that. Definitely in the top 10. What's your favorite album?
Samanthaahtnamas on 25th October 2007 11:27 (UTC)

Wish You Were Here.
karma_in_a_box on 26th October 2007 00:21 (UTC)

Wish is one of my favorites too! I think Animals is my favorite, but Wish is a close second, only going down because Welcome to the Machine is kinda annoying. Dark Side is a great album too, and I really like their first one, Piper at the Gates of Dawn. The Wall has a few classics but a lot of the songs feel unnecessary or only there to advance the plot.

My uncle saw Pink Floyd three times! The first time he saw them on their Animals tour but he was right next to the speakers so his ears hurt a lot by the end. Then he saw them two more times in the eighties when Rog left.
Samanthaahtnamas on 26th October 2007 00:47 (UTC)
Wish is my favourite. I've gotta say, though, Animals, Dark, Wall, and Piper are all faves, too.

My mom saw them 8 times, followed their tours, and saw them in venues about the size of my living room. I've also seen them twice - well, once for Live 8, and another just Roger Waters' tour.
restartmyheart on 25th October 2007 01:22 (UTC)
love pink floyd <3
Samanthaahtnamas on 25th October 2007 11:27 (UTC)
Loves it.
Emmaflying_colours on 25th October 2007 01:59 (UTC)
I've been trying to get into them and I just can't. Any recommendations on where to start with them?
Samanthaahtnamas on 25th October 2007 11:30 (UTC)
Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, Wish You Were Here.
That's the 'most popular'.

Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Echoes, Animals, Division Bell, Saucerful of Secrets. Those are my favourites.
Morgan: squeesubu on 25th October 2007 02:31 (UTC)
I don't know...but it's good to know. :D They are pretty sweet.
Samanthaahtnamas on 25th October 2007 11:30 (UTC)
That, they are.
white_island424 on 25th October 2007 03:50 (UTC)
I love Pink Floyd
Samanthaahtnamas on 25th October 2007 11:30 (UTC)
Loves it.
Ninja Nicknick_101 on 25th October 2007 04:34 (UTC)
Pink Floyd rules. Probably in my top 100 best bands. I have too much favorites.
Samanthaahtnamas on 25th October 2007 11:32 (UTC)
I have too many, as well. But, I've listened to the the longest and the most. I grew up with them, and they are the foundation of my music taste.
loosing_gravityloosing_gravity on 25th October 2007 14:21 (UTC)
I like them alot :)
Samanthaahtnamas on 25th July 2009 14:11 (UTC)
Good! You better! :]
Flash/Ryanflashpoint on 25th October 2007 14:35 (UTC)
No, you didn't. I'll try to remember next time!
Samantha: gryffindorahtnamas on 25th July 2009 14:12 (UTC)
Good! You better! :]
(Deleted comment)
Samantha: poppiesahtnamas on 25th July 2009 14:12 (UTC)
ohhowclicheohhowcliche on 25th October 2007 23:54 (UTC)
they're pretty cool [=
Samantha: birdcageahtnamas on 25th July 2009 14:12 (UTC)
taransm on 26th October 2007 15:34 (UTC)
I haven't heard much of them (not into rock generally), but one of my friends in high school absolutely love them.
Samantha: lovesahtnamas on 25th July 2009 14:13 (UTC)
zomg, you must at least like one song, right?
you have good taste in best friends, then! :]
B.hellfollowsme on 27th October 2007 02:52 (UTC)
Samantha: tummyahtnamas on 25th July 2009 14:13 (UTC)