March 25th, 2011

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Lost my job.

Got a buttload of references, though, from a local wedding photographer that is over-booked.
She's been sending me all of her 'sorry, I can't that date's.

Through unemployment, I'm getting 18months of schooling in my Photography degree - for free.
I'm also getting my books for the 18months, and my supplies - for free.
I got the highest TABE & Careerscope scores in the entire county - a perfect on my TABE! :)

Not sure what else is going on.
I splurged, and got a bunch of series' that I'm missing parts of (Office, 30 Rock, House, Fringe, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, Lie to Me, Parks and Rec, FMA: Brotherhood, Chowder, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Weeds). And a bunch of complete series (24, Arrested Development, Band of Brothers, Brotherhood, Case Closed, Code Geass, Deadwood, The Dead Zone, FMA, Heroes, John Adams, Lost, Monk, Nip Tuck, Oz, The Pacific, Rome, The Sheild, Six Feet Under, The Tudors). I get to catch up, now! :]
I'm selling a bunch of doubles/duplicate crap I have, on Amazon.
I'm planning on making an Austin trip for Chaos in Tejas, this year.
I might stay with my cousin - hopefully she'll be able to show me around town.

What's goin' on livejournal?
I come on all the time, but there just isn't much traffic anymore, it seems.
If it were for the fact that I have to post on thefridayfive every other week; I'd consider selling/giving away my account (permanent account, this one).