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  • Tue, 22:00: RT @kurokenfanzine: 🌷🌼GARLAND GIVEAWAY🌼🌷 ✨Enter for a chance to win a FREE FULL BUNDLE✨ 🌹RULES🌹 ✅Like & RT this post ✅Must be following t…
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  • pulling teeth

    I need more local girlfriends. Pretending most of my friends were women in the first place, they're all in St. Pete. So, I've been messing…

  • irony

    I had some plans to start updating again. Even told some of you about it. It'd been working well for you. Sure, I could do it too. Clearly not.…

  • My tweets

    Tue, 07:27: Yo! If you want your English #HQ Light Novels, go let @ gomanga know! (You also get a coupon from @ BOOKWALKER_GL). #haikyu

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