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  • Wed, 13:01: What shows are you watching? What do you recommend? Bonus if at least one season's avail. Let me know, as well as where/how to view'em! Movies, too! & slightly related, do you know what's happening to things removed from #Crunchroll? (#Amnesia, #Norn9, #UtaPri, for example).
  • Wed, 16:37: RT @cachedoesart: 🌿ART RAFFLE!🌿 thanks for 1.2k! 🐰 winner gets a full color bust portrait of any character (original or fanart welcome) 🐰…
Tags: #amnesia, #crunchroll, #norn9, #utapri, twitter

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    Sun, 12:20: RT @ tkchsvt536: [ RT=🥰] 다이에이 미사와 아크릴스탠드 수요조사 : ~ 19일까지 🦝❤️🐶 > Sun,…

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    Sat, 16:05: RT @ HowToLoveAMiya: Guess what has arrived..... 🔍👀 OUR GORGEOUS STICKERS, STICKER SHEETS, AND ACRYLIC KEYCHAIN!!! 🦊💘💘 Thank you…

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    Fri, 12:28: Y'all, my second zine project is open for pre-orders! Go check it out! And if you order a physical item, I'll be shipping it to ya!…

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