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pulling teeth

I need more local girlfriends. Pretending most of my friends were women in the first place, they're all in St. Pete. So, I've been messing around with networking and socializing outside of my comfort zone. I've been going to events, volunteering, reaching out and partnering with classmates and co-workers. Granted, I've not been networking with co-workers with the hopes of finding friends, haha - I don't like co-workers being too close to my personal life, as it always ends up complicating things at some point. I even downloaded the Bumble app - I'd never heard of it before, and was really skeptical. But, after going through the BGG option, I've also noticed that 99% of the people at women, at least that pop up for me - I don't know if that's a setting or anything, I really don't know the app yet; but I was looking forward to connecting with some new females looking for the same things. It's actually really crazy/amazing/sad that there are so many looking for genuine people, genuine relationships, and best friends (not just those looking for workout buddies and kid playdates, etc). I've had really decent intros to about a dozen ladies. After the small talk, though, they're short answers and not sharing or asking anything worth responding to - I swear, it's like pulling teeth trying to have a substantial/decent conversation last more than a few words or sentences. I'm losing my patience, honestly. I uninstalled the app once before, and am thinking about doing it again. It's just... what's the point? And ironic, perhaps, one of the ladies' profile had a question about "why are you here?", and her answer was "I figure I'll get married one day, and I'd like bridesmaids that aren't my mother". I laughed and messaged her right away, of course, as I'm in the same boat. But it was one of the least interesting intros/small-talk beginnings, and hasn't gone anywhere since. I feel like people don't know how to talk to each other anymore. Or don't see the point unless there's a meme, or some social-media-worthy to post about, or a photo op of some kind. Nobody is actually working on the things they're looking for - whether it's just hanging out watching movies, or actively having GNO's and going on adventures - there's so little genuine effort that it's just.. mind-boggling.
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