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As a result of this being my last bit of 'free time' before I start working around-the-clock (August 29th, 2011), I've been thinking about and trying to execute a couple of goals/scrapbooks. As you can see, I just officially posted my '100,000 Pages' goal. Well, this is going to be similar. Only, tracking (and hopefully rating?!) the books and movies (etc) I get to complete while officially enrolled in this new program. Since I was officially enrolled on June 1st, I officially started at least tracking my accomplishments as of then. And while updating this, I will also be updating the ratings as well.

I will gladly take suggestions (as far as movies), as I don't really use my netflix as often as I would like.
As far as books? I have about three dozen unread ones that I plan on knocking out.
As for albums, though; I will also take suggestions, though I have a handful that I have queued up for rating.

(I have included links as the titles, when applicable).

# Title Year Rating
1 (Untitled) 2009
I thought this was rather horrible, actually. I love Adam Goldberg, and up until this, I thought he could do absolutely no wrong. I was slightly mistaken. The acting, at least on his part (as his part is the only one I tried to notice after I realized how stupid the movie was), wasn't bad. He played the character well, the character just wasn't the most likeable in the first place. And the other characters weren't any better. I ended up fast-forwarding through the second half to see if anything substantial would happen. No luck.
2 The Restless 2006
This was interesting. I think it really depends on if yo ulike the genre of this type of film, as well as if you like the way the gore is done in these types of film. I thought, especially going into this with an open mind, that this movie was very well done. I just didn't care for the story, by the end of it. I almost wanted more? I feel like I would've liked more character than fighting - not to say that the balance was off, as it was very equal; I just wish it had leaned more toward the characters, as I feel like there was a lot of potential there. I only didn't rate this more because I just could have received more from it? Rather, I could've lived without it, while it was still nicely done.
3 Burma Soldier 2010
This is incredible. Though, I could be bias, since I love these movies. I love true stories. I love war stories. I love documentary. And I love all things Human/Civil Rights, Politics, and Economics - especially when they're in combination with the previous three categories (true, war, doc). This has all of those, and more. Colin Farrell did a mighty job narrating, I must say, too. I didn't expect him (of all people), and I was pleasantly surprised. He really does have a good narrating voice for these types of features, and I wouldn't be surprised if he did more. As far as the documentary? Holy shit. It's a miracle it's even in existence, considering the red-state of Burma, and the fact that filming and things of that nature is illegal, let alone getting what footage you got.. out of the country. It was smuggled. I don't want to spoil this movie/tv special, since I feel like everybody needs to see this; but really, it was excellent. I ended up watching a couple more specials after this, about Burma in general.
4 Eulogy 2005
Despite the overly cheesy/horrible graphic parts (grandma getting thrown from a moving van on highway, about 70 feet away, on the field where her granddaughter is making out).. this was rather great. I found it entertaining. Comedy very dark, and all situations relate-able. There were some horrid-comedic-relief-type moments. But really, with a cast like this, I'd overlook just about anything.
5 The History Boys 2006
I was rather disappointed to see the IMDB rating of this, actually. As I quite loved the film. I think my love for it only grew once I realized that the cast was the same as the theatre/play (by Alan Bennett; who also did this screenplay!) which rat at the National Theatre in London from May 2004 until April 2005. I think finding that out (within the first ten minutes of the movie; as I recognized people) just made this movie that much more incredible. It made me love the actors more, it made me love the characters more, and it made me just LOVE this movie. I'm almost sad that a lot of them haven't done a million other movies - mostly plays, and a few not-major/lead roles in movies.. because I feel like each of them could really be a lead role. After watching the movie, I realized I wish I didn't watch it; because then it wouldn't have ended for me. I stalked the IMDB boards, and the 'sequel, please!' posts elsewhere. I feel like the chemistry and connected-ness of this cast is of epic proportions. And anything they ever decided to do (even just a few of them) together, again, will just be incredible. (Also kind of another reason to love this - filmed in 30 days, incredible).
6 The Jacket 2005
I almost wish there was more. Not that it wasn't a well-done film, but I wish that, somehow, it could've been longer, gone more in-depth. I fell in love with the characters (maybe partly because I love the cast), and I just felt like I wanted to be closer to them, haha. I liked the authentication in the film, too - each actor had a lot to bring to their character. Even if Adrien Brody didn't do sessions in an iso tank, or perform prison exercises, or go on a crazy diet.. the scenes when Adrien Brody is sobbing in the body drawer were real. He had asked John Maybury (dir) to keep him locked in before/after filming so he could get the feel of the character's despair. Eventually, Brody lost it during filming and Maybury caught it on tape. I think that's an incredible story when considering the acting you've just seen.
7 The X-Files (Fight the Future) 1998
This was alright, for me. Having never really seen more than one episode of the show, and never seen more from either David or Gillian in anything else; I liked this movie a lot. I thought a lot of it was over-done or rather-fake; but that's the critic in me, and not the scifi-appreciator, haha. I enjoyed the film.
8 The X-Files: I Want to Believe 2008
I don't know why, as clearly IMDB disagrees with me, but I thought that this was kind of better than the first? I don't know. I think Gillian was amazing - every time she entered, I was captivated. I loved that you got to know David's character as well (as I'm not familiar with the show). I saw one review on IMDB (the current one) saying that she thinks the poor reviews are due to false/hyped expectations of what the movie should have been.. and that people need to go into the movie with an open-mind. And well, I obviously had to, and I really loved it.
9 The Mysteries of Pittsburgh 2008
I wanted SO BADLY to love this movie. But I just couldn't. I love Peter, and Jon. I mean, I LOVE Peter. So I really wanted this to be good. Plus, I read/loved the book. Perhaps I shouldn't have before watching the movie. But I ended up completely forgetting about the book, and just judging the movie for the movie. And, I don't know.. but I just couldn't get into Sienna's character/acting, I feel like it was just surface-acting, and had no depth. I feel like Jon could've been more awkward at times, and that Peter could have been more.. almost flirtatious or forward, at times? I don't know. The script/dialogue wasn't the best, and the narrating could have been wayyy better. That's not even considering the nearly-completely horrible butchering of the book.
10 Brief Interviews with Hideous Men 2009
I also wanted, rather badly, to love this movie. I ended up doing so. The casting is incredible. Not just because of the actors in the film (Dominic from History Boys, even [previously rated]).. but also because of the dimensions of the characters played. You see Corey Stoll play a VERY different character than, I'm pretty sure, anything he's done (or at least that I've seen him do, which is almost everything he's done). You see Chris Messina in a new light. You see Max Minghella and Lou Taylor Pucci, while playing characters almost like others they've played; they bring a new depth to it, and you fall in love with their character and dialogue. Christopher Meloni, and Timothy Hutton - Chris playing a very-opposite-of Stabler character, and Timothy playing a very Nathan-esque character. And then there's Ben Gibbard playing a character that you, or at least I, cannot help but think is very much himself (in real life); because he brings such honesty to it. Of course I saw this shortly after History Boys, and I very much enjoyed Dominic's role in this; and again, wish there was more. Not to mention the fact that John Krasinski, himself, is in this.. and most definitely playing a character has hadn't played up until this point. The directing is very well done, too, I might add. I feel like... to be honest.. the movie could've been longer. I would've liked to see Julianne's character end up reacting to John's. I wouldn've liked to see her thesis through to the end. I feel like maybe, if those ends and such had been better tied up.. or left you more satisfied/concluded, this movie would've received better mainstream/general-public reception, rather than only being a festival hit (if even there).
11 Leap Year 2010
This was cute. It wasn't overly excellent, though I loved Matthew's character enough to want the character in other things (even just the character, and not necessarily Matthew; though I could always use more of him, anyway, haha). I feel like Amy's character was almost unrealistically bubbly and/or naive? I don't want to say immature or 'blonde'.. because she wasn't like that.. but, I don't know. I just felt like there were times I almost was like "c'mon, girl". I don't usually watch, let alone like, Romance movies, or Romantic Comedies; so I went in to this taking it just on its own. I liked it. It was cute. I laughed a couple times. And I was glad to see a happy-ever-after ending. However improbable in real-life.
12 High Life 2009
This is just another excellent example of Timothy Olyphant's range. I loved this movie. I think the writing was excellent, the comedy was excellently executed, the characters excellently believable, and the story-line was excellent as well. Just an all-around good movie. I also should point out the wonderful job Rossif did. The only bad (and most of IMDB seems to agree with me), that you are left wanting MORE.
13 G.I. Jane 1997
I feel like you have to take this as a movie, and not a documentary or true-story. I feel like the reviews saying it's so horrible (one star) because it's unrealistic, and that fact that there's an 80% drop-out rate, and that even those that make it through suffer injuries and are sometimes even sent back home.. I think that's a bunch of bullshit, when grading this movie. You can't think about that. At the same time - this does NOT mean that women can do anything, or even that men can. Because yes, the program in actuality is one of the (if not the) hardest in the country. You just have to have that balance of how much thought you put into it. I think Demi's performance was good, and realistically so - she reacted the way you feel you would've (as a woman) in that situation (not necessarily the beefing up, shaving of head, and kicking ass; but the sexism, and the treatment, and the language, etc). I also feel like it was an excellent job on Viggo's part as well. It's also always nice to see an older film with a cast full of people who've 'made it' and done many great things since. Not as 'nice' as it is to watch The Outsiders over and over again, but definitely one of those few movies with a cast that stands out to this day.
14 The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond 2008
The ONLY reason I didn't end up fast-forwarding through past the first thirty minutes is because of Chris Evans. While his character wasn't incredibly deep or two-dimensional, I wanted to like him, and hoped I would like him more. I felt like Fisher was portrayed very.. I don't know, because while I think it's historically correct (how she would've acted at the time).. I think there was an air of airheadedness and falseness, rather than just the diva-like qualities with the heart-breaking aspects.
15 Bookies 2003
I rather liked this movie. I love the cast, and I even love the characters. I think this is an excellently entertaining movie. It's not incredible or amazing, it kind of reminds me of a typical 90's movie (though being done a few years later), but not in the horrible way that Clueless is.. more along the lines of Can't Hardly Wait (which is still one of my favourites). Maybe the cast is reason for the 90's feel? Being that each of them got their start in that time, and that they were (at least in 2003) more recognized for their roles in the 90's? I don't know. But I enjoyed the film. And truly had no major complaints.
16 The Dreamers 2003
I'm sorry, but this was just bad. Which is saying a lot, since I tend to have a high preference to art-house and truly independent and/or foreign films. But this.. this just wasn't that great, and it's one of the festival picks I just have to disagree with. I love Michael Pitt, and through this movie, I saw real potential in Louis Garrel (who's gone on to do great things), and I just didn't mind Eva Green/'s character (though I've liked her in things other than this). I feel like the ideas and the figurative and subjective parts of this movie were excellent.. I just didn't like the story, and the character execution (I feel the depth behind the characters could have been done better, or possibly executed in an other movie all together).
17 Parlez-moi de la Pluie (Let It Rain) 2008
This is another I ended up fast-forwarding through, to see if anything of value was going to happen. I couldn't get past the first twenty minutes, though I very much wanted to; since I loved the character outline for the Agathe (Agnes') character. Normally, I regret fast-forwarding (I feel guilty or like I had to have missed something climactic..), but with this movie, I still don't feel that way. And feel I could've lived without even seeing the first twenty minutes (and the minutes it took to fast-forward).
18 The Brotherhood 1968
Kirk Douglas, I mean, c'mon?! I wanted this to be great. Especially considering it was made five years before Godfather, you know? It's, if nothing else, before it's time, and was probably excellent to those who went to the cinema to see this. I don't think I could even pretend like I haven't seen a movie that was made after this time.. even if I could, I just don't think I'd appreciate it as much as I want to be able to. The acting is very well done, and the general story as well. I just, I don't know, I was left underwhelmed, I guess.
19 Swimfan 2002
Aside from staring at Jesse (even muted) and even Jason, the only thing I really particularly liked about this movie was James DeBello. and even the relationship, there, between James and Madison. I feel like.. that relationship could've possibly been developed more; or rather, that relationships like it have definitely been developed and executed better in other films.
20 Hard Pill 2005
I wasn't at all sure what to expect from this. I saw that it was a festival pick, and saw that Jonathan Slavin was in it. And I figured you couldn't go wrong with his honesty for the character. And really, he was the only character I ended up caring for. I feel like a majority of the other characters were only half-on, and the other half.. they just weren't believable or realistic.
21 Fifty Dead Men Walking 2008
Since seeing this last week, I've watched it two more times. I love this movie. The story/book, alone is excellent. The way the movie recreated it was also excellent. As well as being excellent alone, regardless and ignoring the book. The cast is rather incredible, a lot of really good guys, there. And the characters are truly believable, realistic, and relatable at the same time. You feel for the characters, even some of the bad guys, you know? The character development of Martin, and the incredible acting Jim brings to him. Not to mention the fact that you see Ben Kingsley in a very different, almost low-key, character than you're used to; and his character evolvement is rather impressive as well. There's action, thrills, and true-story out the wazoo, too. All the makings of a truly excellent film. VERY underrated, in my opinion.
22 Affinity 2008
I feel like this was just alright. I liked the plot-twist (though I actually called it), I liked the way they presented it. I don't have major complaints. I just didn't .. feel anything?
23 Love! Valour! Compassion! 1997
I, actually, rather loved this movie. The cast, the characters, the story, the execution, the development, the dialogue. I loved it. It left me wanting more, though.. not in the way "I want a sequel", but more in the 'I wish we had more time with them' kind of way, got to know each of them a little more. I feel like this could've turned into a short mini-series, actually. But no complaints.
24 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004
First of all, I love how it started. And the credits starting twenty minutes in. For some reason, you just felt that much more involved in the story by that point, and seeing the credits then almost made you feel like you had made it to the inner-circle. I love the cast and characters, too. I feel like Kristen and Mark easily may have slightly taken some glory.
25 Loverboy 1989
I had to fast-forward through this right after the second 'client'. I mean, there just wasn't any substance, here. And almost is a shame to typical/excellent 80's movies.
26 Mystic Pizza 1988
I loved this one, on the other hand. I loved the characters - cannot complain, really, about any aspect of them - development, execution, relatability, etc. I loved 'em. I loved the cast, too, if nothing else. I like the feel of the movie, and the plot-lines, too. This is definitely a feel-good movie, too. I love that.
27 Repo Men 2010
I would've rated it a perfect nine, if the ending had been different. I felt like that could've gone a different way. And still been just as effective and ever-lasting on the mind. I loved all things about this movie. I love Forest, and I love Jude, and I found a love for Alice. I love Forest in these types of characters (well, he does them well, even if often enough). And I adore Jude in this role, I don't think he would've been my first choice, but he is a total badass, and equally believable in the heart-broken, and later romantic/relationship-driven aspects. I recommend this.
28 How to Lose Friends and Alienate People 2008
Excellent. I rather loved this movie. Despite never picturing Simon and Kristen as even being believable friends in a movie; this really just threw me, and I couldn't help but love them in this, as a team/duo (even when scraping/hating). I love the humour, as well, and wish more movies had the honesty that this has.
29 Lee & Grant 2011
Dare I say I thoroughly enjoyed this special? While I wish there were some aspects of the two that would've been disclosed; I feel like this was a great special, despite. Being on the History Channel, I cannot just ask you to go into this with an open-mind.. as there are a few things in History, that I feel should've been mentioned or addressed. However, being on a time-lot, and having a narrowed topic such as 'just' Lee and Grant, this was very well done. The filming and the narrating as well.
30 Gettysburg 2011
It's a little funny that this received greater ratings on IMDB, when I feel like this just didn't stand out as much.. or rather, it stood out for wrong reasons. There were a couple of minor battles that very well should've been mentioned, and even a slightly major one (LRT).. I feel like, though, the cinematography, and the narrating, and the overall story-telling of this documentary was VERY well done. And, if judging this (and even Lee & Grant) on everything but COMPLETE historical accuracy (or rather, what us history lovers would like to see covered), I would really give this a few more: .
31 Carlos 2010
I'm, actually, a little disappointed that this was almost so underrated. I feel like this was an incredible mini-series event, and was both captivating and completely believable, while still being incredible and 'holy shit, I can't believe this really happened'. I also quite loved the authentication of the actors, as well - being truly fitting of the characters in every way.
32 Kiss of the Dragon 2001
Eh. I'm a huge Jet Li fan, and this was just alright. I was rather impressed with Bridget's acting, and felt her very convincing. The story was more developed than most 'karate-type' movies, and overall, I enjoyed watching this. But in the end, I could've lived without it.
33 Max Payne 2008
This is another I could've lived without. I suppose, I think that this would be better as a 'loosely based on 'Max Payne', and the MAIN characters and character development be placed in another story-line or movie.. if that makes sense? I feel like they're great bases/ideas, and would be better suited elsewhere, as this movie just wasn't that great in anything else.
34 X-Men 2000
I forgot that this is a decade old, it's hard to believe. I loved this movie, really. I love Bryan Singer, and I feel he did incredibly well on this movie. I loved that this just left you wanting to know/learn/see more of the characters.
35 X2 2003
I feel like this did very well, too, if not better. Again, mmmm, Bryan Singer did well. I liked that we got more development as well, which could have easily been avoided or skipped all together, like most comic-book and hero-based movies, these days.
36 X-Men: The Last Stand 2006
I don't know why, but I just didn't like this as much. Part of me thinks a huge part of that is Bryan Singer. But the other part of me wants to blame it on the fact that I just don't like a lot of the character development/aspects you get to see at this point (however accurate to the books).
37 X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2009
Actually, I think that.. Origins could've/should've been done for each of the major characters, honestly. I know that'd take forever.. I'm not asking for full-lengths, even. But I think that if there were stories like this for the others, then this would've stood a little bit better in ratings. I wish we saw more of Gambit, you know? I wish we got to see more of Scott (though I presume we will in this new one; First Class).. I just was left wanting to know just as many details, but of the other characters. Not just the 'First Class' of them.
38 Incendies 2010
Holy Shit. This is probably the most incredible movie I've seen in a very long time. This, just, I mean man. EVERY aspect of this is excellent, incredible, and breath-taking. Even though I called the 'twist', I still couldn't believe it as it was happening, as it was playing on the big screen, or even afterward, and as I was replaying it in my head. I still.. I don't know. This is an incredible film, and I recommend it to everybody. A wonderful directorial debut, and many powerful dimensions and developments. And really, I'm not sure I've loved a movie's cinematography and story-telling ways/orders quite like/as much as this one. I have absolutely no complaints.
39 Hobo With A Shotgun 201
Considering that this is based on a competition winning trailer (for the Grindhouse movies by Rodriguez/Tarantino.. this movie is incredible. In all its hilariously ridiculous glory. 10 stars if judging based on 'did we accomplish our goal?'. 10 stars if judging based on 'was this ridiculous enough', 'was this funny enough', and 'was this big enough'. The only reason for the slack in my rating is because; while this is certainly entertaining, and the cinematography is very well done, and Rutger Hauer is just incredible, and Gregory as well (though slightly less than Rutger); this isn't a film for everybody, and if judging this on plausibility and complete realism - this doesn't hold up. Which is kind of the point of the movie, thus making it that much greater, since it more than accomplished it's goal; especially considering the small budget for a film of such nature (3mil).
40 Valkyrie: The Plot to Kill Hitler 2008
Again, I'm a huge History Channel fan, so half the time, I think they can do no wrong. I was quite surprised with this special. I think this feature of the 'Valkyrie' DVD set.. I think it's just that - a bonus. It add realism and historical content you may always wonder after watching a 'based on actual events' movie, or even 'war story' movies, you know? This is a detailed and inclusive look. I also feel like it shows all aspects of the situation and the people involved, and not just the 'he was a bad guy, he murdered billions, Germany sucks' aspects, if that makes sense. It captures all surrounding events as well, quite well even.
43 Valkyrie 2008

In actuality, I still can't believe I've watched that many. If I didn't have sleeping problems, I'd say I didn't have a life outside of watching movies, haha.
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