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08 August 2010 @ 09:08
I'm still here.

And I miss you.

I mean.. gah. nevermind. It's like. I have to try so fuckin' hard just to get the courage to speak to you. And it takes nothing for you to ignore me. It takes so fuckin' much for me to pretend I'm not as vulnerable as I am, and we can all plainly see how vulnerable you are. And yet, nothing. You know, I was just trying to help. I was just trying to reconnect. I thought we were grownups, now; I didn't realize this was all still high school bullshit. Hell, I don't even talk to anybody I went to high school with.. I guess that begs the question about why I want to talk to you so much. Even if it's just sitting in silence, you'd be ignoring me to my face, rather than around a phone or computer. I'd be more comforted with that. Sadly enough. I'd even be more comforted if you, I don't know, just said something; even if it's "I'm just going to ignore you, still".