Samantha (ahtnamas) wrote,

Hi. I'm Sam.

I'm pr'simple. I am the Dr. Gregory House (House M.D) of livejournal. I like music that makes me move, movies that make me squirm, and books that get me thinking. I'm a photographer, much like everybody else, these days. I play my fair share video games. I enjoy and laugh at a lot of things most don't. I like philosophy and psychology. I enjoy saving money, college football, playing cards, and watching hockey. I appreciate understanding, creative, and passionate people. I am beyond terrible at satisfying people and keeping friendships. I am more eclectic and open-minded than any one person should be. I am ready to try new things. I miss home.

Here, I mostly philosophize, complain about the world, post my artwork, and talk about my most gnarliest goals in life.

Feel free to add me if you're so inclined; I'll most likely add you back. I'm definitely not picky about my friends on teh intranetz. If you would, in fact, like to be friends, please comment first, tell me a little bit about you.

Tags: lj: entries: friends only, lj: entries: public

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